College Students Central Association

The members of CSCA render their useful contribution in running the college and establish harmonious atmosphere inside the institution/college. College students central association gave a platform to students both within the institution and externally, including on local and national issues. It is also responsible for providing a variety of services to students.Such platforms often serve as a training ground for aspiring students who want to become statesmen and politicians in order to serve their country and countrymen.

As per the guidelines of Lyngdoh Committee on students union election in Colleges, following CSCA has been constituted in Rajiv Gandhi Memorial Government College Jogindernagar for the session 2019-20.

Office Bearers of the College Student Central Association(CSCA) Session 2022-23

S.No. Post Name Father's name D.O.B. Roll No. Class
1 President Tamanna Sh. Kishori Lal 01-09-2001 22MENG001 MA Ist Sem English
2 Vice-President Neha Sh. Nagesh Kumar 12-02-2003 2008 B.Sc. 3rd Year
3 Secretary Kartik Thakur Sh. Amar Chand 11-07-2003 21033001 B.Com 2nd Year
4 Joint Secretary Meenakshi Sharma Sh. Sunil Dutt 29-08-2005 22BCA014 BCA Ist Sem
5 Member Academics Mrinal Sh. Harish Kumar 15-06-1999 21212 MA 3rd Sem English
6 Member Academics Nishant Sh. Machhinder 10-08-2000 21115 MA 3rd Sem Eco
7 Member Academics Anshul Sh. Ramesh Kumar 25-12-2000 22MEC0005 MA Ist Sem Eco
8 Member Academics Deepa Kumari Sh. Jai Singh 22-07-2001 693 BA 3rd Year
9 Member Academics Ankit Sh. Ravi Kumar 30-06-2003 3069 B.Com 3rd Year
10 Member Academics Ritika Awasthi Sh. Kailash Bihari 21-10-2003 21022445 B.Sc. 2nd Year
11 Member Academics Kashish Thakur Sh. Kamal Dev 10-01-2004 21010601 BA 2nd Year
12 Member Academics Priyanka Thakur Sh. Pratap Singh 22-08-2003 22BOT017 B.ScIst Year
13 Member Academics Vanshika Sh. Ramesh Chand 24-09-2005 22POL015 BA Ist Year
14 Member Academics Payal Thakur Sh, Ajay Kumar 19-08-2004 22BCM033 BCom Ist Year
15 Member Academics Sujain Sh. Subhash Chand 21-12-2005 22BBA014 BBA Ist Sem
16 Member(NSS) Virender Thakur Sh. Megh Singh 20-10-2001 8699 BA 3rd Year
17 Member(NSS) Deepali Sh. Dalip Singh 21-08-2001 2626 B.Sc. 3rd Year
18 Member(NCC) Sahil Thakur Sh. Mohinder Singh 28-05-2003 2214 B.Sc. 2nd Year
19 Member(NCC) Neha Thakur Sh. Joginder Pal 22-11-2002 41 BA 3rd Year
20 Member(Rover) Vijay Kumar Sh. Tolu Ram 17-06-2003 21010228 BA 2nd Year
21 Member(Ranger) Sonali Sh. Khem singh 05-10-2003 3407 BA 2nd Year
22 Member(Sports) Aastha Sh. Devi Ram 02-01-2004 210132001 BA Ist Year
23 Member(Sports) Abhishek Kumar Sh. Swaroop Singh 14-10-2002 3248 BA 2nd Year
24 Member(Society) Vandana Sh. Sansaar Chand 16-04-2003 21011601 BA 2nd Year
25 Member(Society) Anish Sh. Prem Singh 24-11-2003 21010757 BA 2nd Year
26 Member(Club) Priyanshu Sh. Parmenderkumar 26-04-2002 2207 B.Sc. 3rd Year
27 Member(Club) Arti Sh. Pyar Chand 04-09-2002 64 BA 3rd Year