English had been a part of the curriculum since the inception of the college in 1994. The mission of this department of English is to have the students intellectual intensity of literary and communication competencies to meet the changes and challenges in the competitive world.

Over the year, alongside changes in the syllabi there have been marked changes in teaching methodology, going in the direction of more and more open understanding of knowledge and transmission . The department of English offers the following courses as per HPU.

  1. DSE Course: - This is an intensive discipline specific course for all six semesters offered to students (major + minor) who want to base their career in an in-depth study of literature.

  2. Compulsory core course: - this is a mandatory course for all students of BA and B.Com in 1st year and 2nd year.

  3. AECC Course: This is a skill based. (Ability Enhancement Compulsory Course for B.Sc /B.A./B.Com.) 1st year students.


The department also holds a literary hour once a week where the talents of the students are given free rein. At present the department has two dedicated and diligent faculty members having specialization in literature and linguistics.