Department of Zoology

The Department is one among the premium Academic Department of ndhi Memorial Government College Jogindernagar. The courses offered by Department are affiliated to Himachal Pradesh University Shimla (HP). Zoology comprises the study of animals, their economic importance and behaviours. The subject helps in acquiring a great insight into animal behaviour, the way they live, their needs, and many more things. Zoology deals with the environment of the animals, how they adapt to the changing environment and their needs like nutrition, genetics, characteristics, evolution, physiology, reproduction, development etc. The subjects also include the study of modern techniques like biotechnology, immunology, biochemistry etc. for an in-depth understanding of the zoological world. With the imbalance in the ecosystem today, the acute need has been felt to preserve nature and even animals that are on the brink of extinction.

Since the year 2013, the Department has implemented the Choice based Credit System (CBCS) for grading the students.

The Department have one lecture hall with lantern and podium facility, one well equipped Laboratory with major instrument viz. Autoclave, Incubator, Hot plate, centrifuge, oven, calorimeter, Electronic pH meter, conductivity meter, Turbidity meter, PONAR Grab sampler, electrophoresis apparatus etc.

It is an exciting time to be a Zoologist – join us! If you are interested in the learning about animals and want hands-on learning and career opportunities, then Department of Zoology is the right choice for you.